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100% cotton sleeveless shirt fabric wrapped buttons Hand-made printing with the block print technique A very complex style in which the fabric is repeatedly subjected to printing with the use of carved wooden blocks with 4 or 5 color passages each of which requires different steps of priming color bath (hot or cold) rinsing drying The fabric is previously boiled to remove all traces of wax or greasy substances to make sure that the following dyes are more tenaciously fixed to the fiber and resist unaltered a long time For each sheet to be printed (this can be a sari or fabric to square footage) we use up to 22 different wooden blocks that serve to print outlines or fills of different decorative motifs So there will be blocks used for the motifs of outline the central motifs the motifs of the pallu ie the final part of the sari the one that is draped and carried on the shoulder between the different printing steps and depending on the overall decorative motif the fabric undergoes baths of color from the lightest to the darkest that will eventually cover the entire surface of the fabric Between a colored bath and the cloth pieces are carefully rinsed in running water squeezed and spread out to dry in the sun

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