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To give my contribution and my respect for the land that allowed me to carry out my project, I decided to donate part of                                                               the proceeds from the sales to this wonderful association.

With each of your purchases you will participate in supporting the association and its projects.

I met President Emanuela Sabbatini and some of the volunteers personally.

Wonderful people.

Here you can find all the information about the ONLUS.

thank you,

with love







Aflin is an all-Italian reality made up of people who have always been attentive and committed to the needs of those who live in everyday contexts of social and / or cultural discomfort, without profit and with professionalism.

AFLIN was established on June 25, 2013 in order to protect the rights of women and children and in general of those sections of the population that are in marginal conditions, particularly in the Indian Sub Continent

Parte delle vendite degli abiti andrà in
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